About Blackdog Rescue

Blackdog Rescue is a no-kill animal sanctuary based in Colorado that focuses on the “geriatric crowd”—a sanctuary of the aged—for some a green pasture, for others a warm transition. For every animal a human need, for every human a humane seed. For those who have had the life-making experience of having that old friend that gazes into your eyes with appreciation, love, and loyalty, you will know no better friend. No therapy is more effective, no friend more true, no reward better and no heartache worse when they are gone.


Another chance for those that served, as a loyal friend, or in public service


Every animal has a testimony that has the ability to shape even the coldest of souls. We will tell these stories emphasizing the great rewards these creatures bring.


Director: Mark A. Coan
Chief of Vet staff: Dr. Marga Verdeal
Operations: James Peth
Board of Directors: Marge Rassell, Ashley Peth, Tom Muller


  1. A sanctuary specializing in geriatric animals
  2. “Garden of the Dogs” pet cemetery and crematorium—patterned after Angels Rest at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah
  3. Mobile clinic purchase “big rig” and integration—FEMA, JTF-CO, Best Friends: Creation of a specialty search and rescue team utilizing rescued animals
  4. Clinical studies concentrated in pain management and elderly care for domestic pets
  5. Public Education towards the value of an elderly animal


  • 1yr: Finalize 501(c)3 – website creation – BOD w/ 3-5 Directors – land search
  • 3yr: Fund acquisition and land purchase 35-80 acre in Northern Colorado sanctuary design & BLM opportunities
  • 5yr: Crematorium purchase & cemetery development (Garden of the Dogs)
  • 10yr: Fully integrated operations

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated
— Gandhi